Monday, October 25, 2004


I fear too much.

Fear is my struggle with God over control of my life.

My transcendent fear grows from not letting go -- not turning my life over to God completely (leading to a reflection on Faith).

My biggest earthly fears are that I will not be there for my wife and daughter years from now when they need me.

I fear what others may say and do to my daughter given her gift of being different.

I also fear that Satan will do his best to keep my daughter from knowing the Lord. Clearly an unjustified fear with action rooted in His Wisdom, but a confessed fear nonetheless.

I do know my fears stem from not enough time listening to the Lord, and too much time listening to the world (and Satan loves that playground).

Jesus is a hunter of hearts, and I know that I am His prey.

I need to stop running and open my heart and arms wide to Him and His Church.

As my daughter Carolyn would say, "Stop!"

It is time.

A time for Peace.