Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Carolyn is enjoying wonderful visits from Nana Shirley and Grandma Logi.

I can remember what a treat it was to visit or be visited by (surprise!) Grandparents.

I miss talking to them, learning about our country's history as well as our families' histories. Most importantly, listening to their stories, their wisdom, their love.

People who remember the Depression.

World War II -- Hitler.

I remember going to used bookstores with Grandma Irene. The smell of old books was wonderful. And, Oh, the finds in bookstores along the Wabash! I remember her modesty. Her intelligence. Her persistance and hard work. Her love and pride of her family.

I remember Grandpa Vic's love of people. Not to be cliche, but he never knew a stranger. The stories long into the night on the front porch in Peru -- being transported to an earlier time, when life was not easy, when people worked to have food and a home, not a television in every room.

I remember Grandma Lois' adoring love of her grandchildren. I remember wanting to learn more of her family, and to know my Grandpa Gilbert. I have visited Africa. I have visited where my mother's sisters were born and where my Grandfather preached. I understand.

We live in a noisy time. A time that can too easily trap us in the present.

But, I remember.