Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Family Everywhere

I remember visiting Taiwan and staying with a friend and four generations of family living together.

The home was large and spacious, and with the grandkids running around, all were filled with life and good humor.

Americans, on the other hand, are a diasporic people.

My Sister and I live two thousand miles away from one another. Papa is also half a continent away (well he is in Wyoming as I type tonight).

Even I am separated from my wife and daughter during the week as they stay in a home, while I putter in the Bay Area (this is a choice that can be, and will need to be, remedied).

Yes, technology is making the world smaller, but that doesn't work as well for cousins who want to hug and play together.

We chase our careers and often lose our families.

As my niece would say, I miss my "Gills" tonight -- all of them, everywhere.