Sunday, October 03, 2004

Separating Heat from Light

This is a new journal for me.

Some of you may know about Sierra Sanity, but that is a political conversation -- focusing on the Country portion of God, Country and Family.

Since topics involving our Country right now involve a significant amount of "heat," I wanted to separate those thoughts from more reflective thoughts on God and Family.

You can argue that God and Country and Family cannot be separated, and I will not argue the point since I agree (I would even argue they should not be separated, and I may touch on that at some point). Perhaps the two journals will become one, but the time is not now.

God and Family are the focus here (although I will not guarantee politics will not occasionally intrude -- even if indirectly by link).

This will be an exercise in disciplined writing, and I encourage all to comment and participate as they are led.