Thursday, March 10, 2005

Judge Determined to Kill Terri Schiavo

How else do you reduce the evidence to date?

Michelle Malkin suggests the news is bad, and it appears to be so.

However, Blogs for Terri has a different perspective.

This sentence has a great deal of truth:

DCF has authority and they don't take kindly to a judge telling them they shouldn't do it.

Bureacracies don't like to be told they cannot do something they are empowered to do.

Another example of our judiciary acting as if it has both executive and legislative powers:

More than anyone else, it will be Judge Greer that will push the tide towards the passage of Florida HB 701 because the legislature will start to see again that there is something going on. Judge Greer didn't rule that Michael can remove the feeding tube, Judge Greer ordered that tube out and that Terri be put to death. He has ordered the cessation of all medical care. He has ordered no attempt be made to feed her naturally. He has ordered that DCF not investigate the claims of abuse.

Talk about lack of judicial temperment. . . .