Saturday, February 26, 2005

Who Are We As a People?

If we do not protect the weak?

Anchor Rising provides an excellent and detailed review of the many questions that have not been answered regarding Terri Schiavo.

My questions are primarily two:

First, why would a loving husband not want to seek therapy for his wife?

Second, why would a loving husband fight so hard against the family of his wife?

Anchor Rising (as so have many others) has some deeply disturbing clues.

What is stunning to me is that we are fighting to keep an innocent woman from being starved to death, no, killed. Have we really come to that?

As one reader wrote to Hugh Hewitt:

"If I said to someone, 'Man, I would rather die then go through that,' does that mean I need to file legal documents if I ever change my mind or if there is a possibility that I might be misinterpreted?

What if someone just makes up the recollection --am I a dead man if I am ever unconscious?

Do I need to have a tattoo on my forehead, 'Don't kill me?'"

It may be coming to that.

Anchor Rising states it plainly:

The stakes are enormous here and there is no neutral ground. Not to decide is to decide. The fight for Terriā€™s life is another battle to determine whether we are to live in a culture of life or a culture of death.

I choose Life.