Monday, February 28, 2005

Lives Worth Living

Who are we to decide?

A race which counts the number of self-inflicted murders by the tens of millions last century alone?

My Faith teaches me to support the least of our Brothers.

Not to support letting the Innocent suffer and die.

La Shawn Barber points out that the best Florida's judicial system can come up with is:

"The court is no longer comfortable granting stays simply upon the filings of new motions,” Greer wrote. “There will always be ‘new’ issues.”

In Florida (and alas, likely many other states) it is harder to execute a serial killer (whatever your thoughts on capital punishment) than an innocent. As mentioned earlier, the University of Florida Student Body knows a judge peddling the Culture of Death when it sees one.

Fortunately, many are spreading the word in an effort to awaken Americans to the choices we have to make. In addition to BlogsforTerri, other worthwhile sites to keep an eye on are Anchor Rising (another reference here), La Shawn Barber and Pro-Life Blogs.

This post was motivated by yet another inexcusably ignorant utterance from an ABC Radio News hourly report which, to paraphrase, suggested living life with tubes for 15 years certainly cannot be worth living (this would be an excellent example of the power of podcasting -- another project in the works).

Set aside the fact that a multi-million dollar corporation such as Disney seemingly cannot afford to hire educated folks in their newsroom who would be able to use that technologically-advanced device (tongue firmly lodged in cheek so as not to bite it off) called Google and type "living with tubes" (with the quotes) and learn.

The brazen nature of this statement sent chills down my spine for two reasons:

First, my niece would be subject to some bureaucrat of the State dictating that which can only be God-given -- Life, and

Second, my mind reflected upon an earlier time when those who are different (as defined by the State) were not deemed to possess lives worth living.

The ignorance of the Media (leaving aside the bias favoring the Culture of Death) in the coverage of Terri Schiavo is stunning.

Simply and revoltingly, Stunning.