Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sierra Snow

Now we can't even see out our windows (hey, what is snow's R factor again?)!

Snow, Snow, Snow

We have received well over ten feet in the past ten days.

I-80 and US-50 (two of the three prime Sierra crossings -- CA-88 has been closed for over two weeks) have been closed many times over this same time period. Donner Pass is no easier for the Union Pacific Railroad which has been working around the clock to keep the pass open (Amtrak has been forced to reroute at least once in the past ten days). They may soon bring out the rotary plows on the UP! Some say it takes 15 feet to bring out the mighty rotaries, and we presently are at 19 feet on the Pass with upwards of 5 additional feet to fall tonight (we will likely see an additional 3 feet tonight in South Lake Tahoe -- Donner Pass is northwest of The Lake). With the Bay Area currently being pelted with more rain, the Sierra will easily see another 3 feet.

We need the moisture, and the Pineapple Expresses is delivering.

It is humbling, and leaves you with a sense of respect and empathy for the Donner party.

But, ah, when the sun comes out, it is truly glorious.