Monday, March 21, 2005

Only Judges Can Decide?

Michelle Malkin has posted her Monday early morning Terri updates.


Yet again, Schiavo's fate now rests in the hands of a judge. It is not known when the judge will rule . . . .

I've stated my misgivings on this Judges Only strategy as well.

I prefer the more robust approach.

Michelle also links to Liberals for Terri -- a site with a bite.

A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

"Why are all of the links on this page for right-wing websites?"

Exactly. That's what I've been asking myself for month. Why isn't there anyone out there except LCM willing to stick up for the Schindler family or give a hoot about the incriminating behavior and medical and legal fraud committed here? It's mystifying.


La Shawn notes the continued Hope as well.