Saturday, March 19, 2005

Do I Know My Country?

It's a beautiful night in Tahoe (even with the avalanche howitzer blasting away as I type), and it has been a beautiful day.

Beautiful snow began painting the pines and firs this morning and our granite boulders and manzanita brush remain blanketed.

I had the joy of making a snowman with Carolyn and the family of a former highschool classmate of my wife.

I gave Carolyn a bath, and always most precious, read the Bible to her as she fell asleep. She knows about Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham (Father Abraham, Had Many Sons!), Moses. It is a Joy to have her say their names to complete the sentences being read to her. And, to hear her say "Jesus." . . .

You may wonder about my Terri Schiavo All The Time thoughts recently.

I'm an unabashed idealist. God gave me that gift before I knew the Gift that God gave me in His Son.

I look at history, and I look at evil in history.

I know that God is in control, but that is quite different from doing nothing.

Those who are not Christians and make this argument are not serious people -- if they were, and since they worship reason, they would have to ask why any Christian bothers going to work, going to the grocery or even eating food, after all, God is in control, right? Nonsense.

Similarly, many ask why these Holy Rollers are not protesting the death sentence of Scott Peterson. Again, ignorant people saying ignorant and silly things. There are many Christians who are against the death penalty, and who do protest and work against it. Only silly people would expect someone to be both in Florida and Redwood City, California at the same time (many worship reason, but choose to ignore their god when it proves inconvenient -- a not uncommon fault of man). This is not to say that there are no strong theological arguments for the death penalty. I merely wanted to highlight ignorant silliness.

Here is the rub:

Why are Christians risking loss of liberty and property through arrest to save the life of an innocent Jewish woman?

Because God and His Word come before anything else, and God commands us to protect the innocent.

Why aren't NOW and other supposed women's groups clamoring for the preservation and healing of Terri?

It's pretty simple, they side with a husband's right to kill one of his wives -- the wife of greatest inconvenience. Sure, they'll wrap a nice bow around it and call it "Right-To-Die," but again, they are supporting the uncorroborated claims of a man. They cannot escape that simple (and apparently meaningless to them) fact.

Being Smart and being Wise are not the same.

This is not Smart:

There have been a few arrests. One man from out of state approached the front door of Hospice with Communion for Terri and asked the Hospice personnel to deliver it to her. He was hauled off. Another man, whom I don’t know, crossed the police line in front of Hospice with a symbolic cup of water and chunk of bread. He was hauled off.

However, it is Wise and Right. It sheds light on our society's present priorities.

I don't know my country right now, but I love her. And that is why this is so painful on two levels. First, we are mocking God, and second, we are mocking the deaths of those who have fought to give us the Right To Life.

Did soldiers die in Germany, and are soldiers dying today so a "Judge" can starve a woman in Florida?

To be fair to the "Judge," the "Husband" can stop this senselessness now.

But he will not, and only God (in addition to Michael and his cohorts) knows why.