Monday, March 21, 2005

How to Defeat a Home-Schooler

Don't allow them to compete against you.

La Shawn is miffed.

Home-schoolers are making government school kids look so dumb that officials have surreptitiously changed the rules so home-schoolers won’t be eligible to compete.

From The Union Leader:

Prior to this year, the Savages said, it was possible for home-schoolers to take part by competing in local competitions held at schools, an option denied to public school students attending a school not hosting a local bee. This year, though, the rule was changed so that home-schoolers could only compete through contests which home-school associations had set up. . . .

"We're trying to reach out to all different groups to make sure the kids can take part," Elden said.

"Reach Out" and disqualify someone -- especially those pesky home-schooled kids who keep winning.

What petty bureaucrat stayed up all night to think of this?