Saturday, March 19, 2005

Much Remains to be Done

As you may now know, the House and Senate have reached a compromise on restoring Terri Schiavo's hydration and nutrition.

Near the end of this AP article was this troubling paragraph:

GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said the measure was "narrowly targeted" and did not set a precedent.

And why not set a precedent? Although a shameful compromise (and compromise is the definition of politics), it is a significant victory in a crucial battle in the larger Culture War.

Terri's case is very different from those who sign living wills and do not desire heroic treatment in terminal cases.

Only an uncorroborated claim by her estranged husband has forced her into living without therapy that has been life-changing to so many people. He can certainly no longer claim she still wants to die.

The evidence that she wants to live is far greater than anything her husband has explained.

This stopgap is important, but much remains to be done to further the Culture of Life. Obviously, Congress needs to address the absurdity that many like Terri do not have the protection afforded a terrorist.

But in the end, as Christians know, and as W has said before, only "changing hearts will change our entire society."

We have fought too many wars and spilled significant blood to ensure that the state would never kill the unwanted.

Now is not the time, as our friends on The Left are wont to exclaim, to turn back the clock.