Thursday, March 31, 2005

Disabled Rights Era

We need to start the Disabled Right Era.

The Civil Rights Era was a mixture of the law changing minds, but even more importantly, a movement where the heart informed lawmakers and eventually the law to be Right and Just.

My argument is that while the Americans with Disability Act continues to do much good (as well as enable much silliness), it obviously does nothing to protect people like Terri Schiavo.

These fundamental rights should be incorporated into our Civil Rights laws, but until then, we need to continue to highlight the plight of those considered by many as disposable (with Orwellian language as window dressing to make us feel comfortable and pleased with ourselves).

It is my Hope and Prayer that the many groups who worked together in the valiant attempts to save Terri's life, will continue to work together to this end.

This is a non-partisan issue, and if kept that way, will have significant impact on state houses and Capitol Hill alike.

Peace to Terri and her family.

Many hearts have been broken.

But, many eyes have been opened, and we must fight for those who cannot protect themselves.