Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bigoted Supreme Court

Supreme Court permits Terri's death.

Over thirty years ago the Supreme Court decided the Constitution permitted the taking of life within the womb, and now they have stamped their imprimatur upon the extermination of the disabled. The Supreme Court is unfailing in finding new ways to take life, but cannot spend any time thinking about what it means to protect life.

We have made this bed, and many innocents will continue to be killed in our nation because we pretend we can know what life is worth living.

Again, I recommend Joe Ford's piece.

Like many others with disabilities, I believe that the American public, to one degree or another, holds that disabled people are better off dead. To put it in a simpler way, many Americans are bigots.

As a nation at one time we were slaveholders, then we discriminated against the descendents of slaves, but now we are more enlightened.

Now we only engage in the "painless extermination of the miserable," be they unwanted infants or the inconvenient.

OK, we don't have the "painless" part down yet, since we crush the skulls of the unwanted infant and for some unexplained reason inject morphine into a vegetable that we are told cannot feel pain.

Do you ever feel that you live in the world of George Orwell's 1984?

After all, we are being told ad nauseum that death by dehydration and starvation is peaceful and beautiful.

I've never found Auschwitz peaceful or beautiful.